Blue Muse was born beside the blue-green shimmer of the Gulf of Mexico but has made its home under the blue expanse of the Kansas sky for almost twelve years now. In that time, a lot has changed. A lot of questions still needed to be asked, and a few answers have been found along the way.

Here’s what I most know to be true. No one should be told that their memories, their love, their existence doesn’t deserve to be documented. Blue Muse is a banner for inclusion.

Growing up with a sister with cerebral palsy, I knew what it was to be looked at but not seen. I wanted desperately for everyone to see my sister the way that I did- do- in all her strength and stubbornness. I rejoiced when we encountered people who would talk with her, and not at her (or worse, down to her). I want Blue Muse to be a place where kids who look or are abled differently feel not just seen, but celebrated.


The first time I thought about booking a photo session with my girlfriend, I didn’t expect the nagging uncertainty. Do I tell the photographer right away that we are a same sex couple? Do I just wait and hope for no discomfort at the session? What if they refuse my business? Is this, documenting the way she makes me smile, worth that potential rejection? Let it be known that Blue Muse is here for every ounce of your LGBTQ glory. Let’s document your love. Let’s document your transition. Let’s tell the story of your fabulous and oh-so normal beautiful life.

There’s a hundred million ways we can get othered, drawn outside the lines, each and every day. Whether it is the shape of the body you call home, the place or way that you worship, the part of the world you were born in… I say, let’s stop trying to fit ourselves back into their boxes. There’s a whole world outside the lines and it’s just waiting for us to discover it. Blue Muse would love to join you on your journey.


“Kalene is amazing! She has talent and is an all around amazing person. Being a gay couple with kids, we always hold our breath a little as we don’t know what kind of people we will be encountering. Kalene has one of the biggest, most accepting hearts around. We have four small kids so family pictures are often stressful events. She always made us feel really comfortable and does great with our kids. Kalene embraces their crazy and puts everyone at ease.”

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